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Checkpoint Services was Texas born and Texas raised. In the midst of an exciting and successful career in corporate America, my son was severely injured during his birth in December of 1995. I knew I had to stop traveling, but I also had to continue working. My education and entire career had been in Information Technology, so it was logical to start a technology business. Checkpoint Services had its humble beginnings in my garage in 1996, starting with a $100 loan from myself to the company. We have remained debt-free since then. I had always intended to return to corporate America when my son was stable, but in 2002 he was diagnosed with an unrelated terminal illness, and I knew Checkpoint was here to stay. With the contributions of many excellent employees, the loyalty of numerous wonderful customers and friends, the partnership of several key vendors, the mentorship of countless brilliant minds, and sheer perseverance, Checkpoint Services is now a multi-million-dollar enterprise serving customers across the State of Texas and southern New Mexico.

We frequently use a phrase among our staff….. “the Checkpoint Way.” We have never specifically defined what that means, but we all intrinsically know what it means. It entails an unmatched level of excellence. It means we are an extension of our customer’s team, as committed as they are to their success. It means integrity with our customers, our vendors, and each other. In short, it means doing the right thing.

We have earned Apple’s trust as El Paso’s only Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP). We can repair your in- and out-of-warranty Apple products.

Our entire business is run in the cloud. In 2012 we had six servers in a rack in a cooled computer room. Today we have one server in the cloud, and we can scale that server as we grow, in under 10 minutes, with a simple reboot. Our power bills are a fraction of what they once were; we always have the latest software; the management console does not require an advanced degree; and our network – sans a server – is no longer a target for hackers. We have brought the same ingenuity to many of our customers, giving them increased accessibility, security, and support. They can access their entire company from any location, on any device.

If you are involved with the public sector, you are aware of federal and state programs designed to increase spending with minority- and women-owned firms. You are no-doubt aware of countless individuals who falsify their organizational control so they can acquire the coveted status. Let me assure you that Checkpoint Services is genuinely woman-owned and does not pretend to be something we are not. We are certified as a Texas HUB, WBE (Woman-owned Business Enterprise), Small Business, and WOSB (Woman Owned Small Business). The integrity of our business status extends to the integrity of our relationship with our customers, vendors and partners. If you know a business that falsifies its status, you would be prudent to question its integrity in your business dealings.

Whatever your needs in the area of technology – whether servers, clients, networking, audio/visual, printing, supplies, software, cloud services, installation, or any other technology, we welcome an opportunity to compete for your business. Bring us your Apple system for repair! Send us your referrals.

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